Church History

When entering the Village of Blairstown, one's eyes are drawn upward. The church and spire of the First Presbyterian Church of Blairstown have been a beacon of faith and outreach for the community since the church was founded in 1840.

Early records state the church was incorporated July 3, 1839 and construction began soon after with a seating capacity of 400 and costs totaling $2,865.98. A dedication ceremony was held December 10, 1840 and its first pastor was installed June 23, 1841.

The church rapidly outgrew its facilities and on December 15, 1868 it was decided to build a new structure. The original building was demolished and the cornerstone of the new building was laid June 1, 1870. The new steeple towered upwards to 160 feet. Renovations over the years include:
  • The installation of electricity, boiler and furnace room in 1901-02, new pews, flooring, and an organ in 1917.
  • A new slate roof and extensive repairs to the steeple base were completed in 1983.
  • An elevator and exterior ramp were installed to accommodate the handicapped in 1987.
  • After being unlit for a number of years, outside lighting was installed on the steeple in 1998. Now the illuminated steeple can be seen for miles at night.
  • Thorough renovations of the first floor including classrooms, a new kitchen and the addition of a handicapped accessible bathroom were completed in 2008. Additionally, new chandeliers and lights in the foyer and narthex were installed.
  • The stained glass windows are original to the rebuilt church of 1870 and were fully restored in 2014.
  • A new slate roof was installed in 2016.

Photo probably taken mid to late 1870's
First Presbyterian Church of Blairstown - dedicated Friday, Feb.16th. 1872


Photo taken Feb. 2013
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